About The Show

The Story

Girl/Girl Scene tells the stories of a group of young lesbian friends and their fun, wild and adventurous lives.  The series reveals the good times and harsh realities of living as a modern gay girl.  Lauded and awarded for its brutally honest look into lesbian life, Girl/Girl Scene has won legions of loyal fans from all over the world.

A feature film based on the series is currently in pre-production.

Meet The Cast

Girl/Girl Scene features an international cast of award-winning actors.

Tucky Williams

Evan Dever
Tucky is the creator and writer of Girl/Girl Scene and Girl/Girl Scene Flashback.  She starred in multiple films and T.V. series.  Her next project is the film Dagger Kiss, which she wrote and directed.

Kayden Kross

Avery Prescott
Kayden Kross is an icon.  She has appeared in dozens of films and T.V. series, including Breaking Bad.  She is a writer, director and the creator and owner of her own company, TRENCHCOATx.

Katie Stewart

Maxine Morgan
Katie is a Kentucky-born actress whose dynamic and diverse acting style has cast her in lead roles for more than 70 films, commercials and Videos. Tucky was the 1st Girl she ever kissed.

Lauren Virginia Albert

Ling Liu
Lauren is best known for Girl/Girl Scene and Criminal Minds.  She currently lives in L.A.

Roni Jonah

Trista Bennett
Roni is an actress, director and professional wrestler. She appears in both Girl/Girl Scene and Girl/Girl Scene Flashback.  She also stars as Jenna in the Dagger Kiss saga.  the cast and crew love Roni the most.

Cyndy Allen

Susan Youngblood
Cyndy is one of only three cast members to appear in both seasons of Girl/Girl Scene and GGS Flashback.  Since 2003, she has worked in Films, T.V. and commercials.  She currently lives in cincinatti 

Jack Coger

Elliott Caulfield
As Elliott, Jack was the 1st transgender man in TV to be in a romantic relationship with a woman. He currently lives in New York.

Joe Eslwick

Jessie Youngblood
Joe made her breakthrough as Jessie in GGS Flashback. She performs in the partner acrobatics duo Trance Acrobatica.

Santana Berry

Tyler Sobchak
Santana was plucked from the streets to play rabbinical student Tyler. She is now a social worker in Kentucky.
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